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Eli Muchtar, Rochester, MN, USA
OP22The quest for indicators of profound hematologic response in al amyloidosis: Complete response remains the optimal goal of therapy
Paolo Milani, Pavia, Italy
OP23Minimal residual disease positivity by multiparameter flow cytometr hinders organ involvement recovery in al amyloidosis patients in complete response
Giovanni Palladini, Pavia, Italy
OP24In systemic light-chain amyloidosis the best hematologic response for long-term survival is IFLC < 10MG/L
Amandeep Godara, Boston, MA, USA
OP25Comparison of measures of complete hematologic response after high dose melphalan and autologous stem cell transplantation for al amyloidosis
Shayna Sarosiek, Boston, MA, USA
OP26The impact and importance of post-renal transplantation haematological response assessment in al amyloidosis
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Experts’ discussion on the Treatment of Patients with AL myloidosis non-eligible for ASCT: burning questions
Morie A. GertzRochester, MN, USA
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Paolo Milani, Pavia, Italy
Maria Teresa Cibeira, Barcelona, Spain
Arnaud Jaccard, Limoges, France
Maria Gavriatopoulou, Athens, Greece
• Best initial therapy for fit patients
• Best inicial therapy for unfit patients
• When to start therapy at relapse or progression
• Treatment at first relapse
• Treatment at later relapses or refractory disease
• Best novel emerging agents
• Role of anti-amyloid therapy
OP27A diagnostic scoring model to differentiate between cardiac amyloidosis and other hypertrophic cardiomyopathies based on common cardiac magnetic resonance parameters
Fabian Aus Dem Siepen, Heidelberg, Germany
OP28Impact on survival of N-terminal Pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-PROBNP) increase after diagnosis for cardiac transthyretin amyloidosis
Oghina Silvia, Créteil, France
OP29Diagnostic value of subcutaneous abdominal fat tissue aspirates in cardiac amyloidosis
Dion Groothof, Groningen, The Netherlands
OP30Describing the echocardiographic phenotype of transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis - What are the predictors of prognosis?
Liza Chacko, London, UK
OP31Cardiac transthyretin wild type amyloidosis (ATTRWT): A prospective study of 400 patients followed at the Italian referral center
Paolo Milani, Pavia, Italy
OP32Regional cardiac uptake of 99-TC-DPD is a novel powerful and independent prognostic marker in cardiac ATTR wild type amyloidosis
Paolo Milani, Pavia, Italy
OP33Finnish gelsolin amyloidosis causes significant disease burden but does not affect survival
Atula Sari, Helsinki, Finland
OP34Excellent Outcomes of Isolated Renal Transplantation for Hereditary Fibrinogen (AFib) Amyloidosis
HJB Goodman, Hamilton, New Zealand
ATTR Amyloidosis: Unlocking the potential of RNAi therapeutics
Mathew Maurer, New York, USA
Mechanisms of organ damage in ATTR amyloidosis
Julian Gillmore, London, UK
Controlling gene expression with RNAi in ATTR amyloidosis
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Interfering with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis using RNAi
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Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis: Clinical Features and Follow-up
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Clinical features of polyneuropathy in hereditary amyloidosis
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Red-flags for early diagnosis in hereditary amyloidosis
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The global prevalence of ATTR amyloidosis
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Other Manifestations in ATTR Amyloidosis
Jonas Wixner, Umeå, Sweden
Follow-up, polyneuropathy detection, de novo manifestations and treatment after domino liver transplantation
Laura Obici, Pavia, Italy
 AA and other forms of Amyloidosis
Martha Skinner, Boston, USA
Julian Gillmore, London, UK
AA amyloidosis: current incidence and clinical presentation
Alberto Martinez-Vea, Tarragona, Spain
AA amyloidosis: management
Luís Quintana, Barcelona, Spain
AA amyloidosis associated with autoinflammatory diseases
Helen Lachmann, London, UK
Localized Amyloidosis
Eli Muchtar, Rochester, MN, USA
Hereditary non-transthyretin amyloidosis
Philip N. Hawkins, London, UK
LECT2-associated renal amyloidosis
Tamer Rezk, London, UK